Daniel Michael Sierchio

Daniel Michael Sierchio began his photographic career in his uncle' s darkroom 55 years ago. He discovered that he had a natural eye for composition and that the frame of the camera and film were a perfect media for expressing the world as he sees it.

Much of his photographic career was spent photographing dancers. This became a natural and unique collaboration of the two mediums. The dancers expressing forms and lines with their bodies while Daniel was able to capture these designs in the frame of the camera. Through this experience he began to realize that there are designs are all around us both in nature and in man's works.

For Daniel the medium of photography is in the here and now. He believes that these designs are all around us and all we have to do are see them. He would like to share his vision with everyone.  He sees his photography as telling a story.  His work experience with Headshots and Portraits has allowed each of his subjects to tell their story.

Daniel's process is to capture the design element in some of our everyday sights framed in the camera. The entire image is designed in the frame at that place at that moment as it might appear naturally but shown for its design.

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