Sisyphus Interviews a Corona virus



 Interview with a Coronavirus.

Byline: King Sisyphus.

It was an interview with a coronavirus by king
Sisyphus from the publication that caught my eye.

 King Sisyphus was
hunting down a coronavirus for a while in order to interview him and to see
what was going on and what we might expect from them.

He Searched high and low and found The virus
leader among many virus partying in a lung. 
When he entered, they were hanging out opening champagne bottles
laughing and partying to Benny Goodman’s sing, sing, sing. They were ecstatic
at their good luck in finding America so unprepared.

King Sisyphus approach Lead virus as Benny Goodman wailed on
his clarinet. And asked his name

 He replied Yamamoto,
Like the Imperial Japanese Admiral.

Yamamoto? King Sisyphus asked.

Yes. Admiral Yamamoto he replied.

Sisyphus asked, Admiral what is you game plan? Do you want to
annihilate the whole Human race?

Not exactly he replied.

He confided in The King and said, we need you Humans to
survive and feed off. We knew we had conquered China and needed another population
for life support that the USA was ripe for the taking. We were so happy to see the
political turmoil going on here and made this place right for a pandemic. A Silver
platter you could not refuse. How do you like that take off on Mario Puzo?

King Sisyphus asked what are you talking about?

 It is that Orange
haired Guy. What do you call him, Dufus?

No Sisyphus replied, POTUS the president of the United

Yamamoto the Admiral Virus Laughed. Such Hubris like I have
never seen.

He went on. This country was the strongest in the world at one
time and they lost all the Control. They have been sick for years and a very divided,
very divided. They are not taking care of themselves politically and
economically as a whole. The infighting, the political unrest, the great media
fighting with one another calling each other names. And telling lies it does
not get better than this for us.

We did our research and we looked here and saw an
opportunity. The way that the healthcare system was not reaching people. All the
overweight people from all the great great marketing that your food Companies
do promoting high fructose corn syrup, a Goldmine for us.

As you know we nourish ourselves on your blood and whatever
weaknesses you have in your system. You do not have a way of controlling us and
we spread so rapidly this is a Boomtown for us. I love the fact that your
political parties are fighting and the name-calling, terrific for us. You are
so weak.

Better yet Your leader the guy with the orange
hair he’s like a Satan send, (you like that play off of a godsend) .

The best part is he has no clue what to do, and
doesn’t listen to anybody. Especially your health experts. He certainly is helping
us keeping them at bay and not allowing them to work together. He makes our job
so easy by splitting up The States in a bidding war That division is great for us.
I sit and watch his pressers, and I just roll off my chair laughing he is so
funny and so out of it. He is giving us everything that we want and need to
survive and that is our goal. We are going to survive, and we are going to be
around for a while folks.

The best thing was liberating the different
states Michigan, Virginia wherever they were. I was really rolling over when I
saw this. We were all here watching those protests on TV. We started popping champagne
bottles when we saw those guys with the A.R. 15‘s at these liberate rallies. That
was hysterical. Can you imagine them trying to shoot us, you cannot find us? We
are microscopic. They have automatic rifles to shoot us. That’s a joke Right? I
would be inside his lungs in less than a heartbeat. We are built for speed you
know. See how fast we spread. That is our ace in the whole. Speed. So, I want
to thank you very much for all the work you have given us and allowing us to
survive and live off you Mr. Orangehair.

Sisyphus was aghast at this interview. Obviously,
this coronavirus was drunk he is had a lot to live on he was pretty fat, and they
were drinking like crazy and were partying like it was 1999. Sisyphus could
hear Prince singing through the speakers.

Sisyphus sat back for a moment and thought about
what he just heard

Sisyphus asked? These are smart people and they fight back. They will get
control of themselves and put you out of existence. They still have a lot of

Yamamoto shot
back quickly. You Got to be kidding me, you guys and Orange hair will never
figure out how to beat us. It is too simple. You do not have a vaccine.

Sisyphus was at
a loss. It seemed hopeless. Suddenly he heard them sing and chanting “lock Up
the Tests, lock up the Tests, lock up the Tests”, they were chanting in their
drunken stupor.

The test’s! How
simple can it be.

King Sisyphus
turned away and looked around in, he is no stranger to adversities, He is used
to rolling that stone up the hill is used to scorning his fate. He will not
take no for an answer. Hope is on the horizon.

He tried to get
one more question from Yamamoto, but he disappeared back in the crowded party. Sisyphus
Understood defeating this virus was simple He tried to warn the Admiral that
America will pull itself together and find a cohesive plan to test, protect
ourselves, until we get about the vaccination. Hope is on the Horizon.

Worship in Glenside Easter April 12 2020

April 12th 2020 Easter Sunday .  Day number 83 since the first case of Covid 19 in the USA.  559,409 cases reported and 22,071 deaths.   Number 1 in the world.  “Here it is barely possible to speak of the experiences of others deaths. It is a substitute, an illusion, and it never quite convinces us.” As Albert Camus said in his Essay ” The Myth of Sisyphus”.  This virus has made us coming face to face with our denial of our inevitable fate . 

But today was a day of hope.  Even with all the sheltering in place our souls found solace in worshiping where ever we could privately, quietly.

World Globe international


For everyone out there on Facebook trying to get out through
this very difficult time O would like to create a what if scenario of what
could have been.

The simple answer was Leadership.

Let’s look at the Timeline

It’s October 2019. 
The markets are noticing that the Chinese Government are reacting to an issue
involving the city of Wuhan.  At first
appearance it seems in the ordinary and everyone returns to their normal lives.
However, the President receive a briefing from his Global Pandemic group. This
agency reports to the NSC and has intelligence about Wuhan from their Health
sources there.  The information is hazy
at best as to a virus that may be spreading among the Population in that
city.  The President encourages this
group to stay vigilant and keep him in formed.

In November the information is a bit more disturbing but
still not enough details to establish a priority plan around it although the
President encourages his team to remain even more alert.

It’s the middle of December and the markets are now
responding to supply chain problems as the news from Wuhan becomes increasingly
foreboding and it is evident that the Chinese Government is not forthcoming with
information.  But our Global pandemic
team is on it and they acknowledge that the virus affecting Wuhan is the corona
virus a descendant of the SSARS flu virus. The Chinese Government are
scrambling but have not been forth coming with information.

They inform the president. 
He then gathers his health care expert to get an understanding of this
problem and the impact it will have on our nation.  They proceed to inform him of the worst-case
scenario that

There’s no current vaccine to prevent this virus
from spreading

There is no therapy in place right now that
would provide relief to those afflicted

The virus is highly contagious and can spread
very rapidly through human contact and interaction.

The death toll is Currently about 2 % of those
afflicted with is 4 time that of the current flu.

The impact of those afflicted and dying from
this will impact gravely on the economy if we don’t act quickly and efficiently

The most effective weapon we have in fighting
this is physical distance and sheltering in place.

The President is fully understanding his priorities and roll
as our elected leader protect the American People.  His team has alerted him to the problem as
leader he recognized that must get out in from to this as soon as possible.

He huddles with his closest advisors that include heath care
experts’ economic experts and political experts to establish a plan.

His health care experts inform him of the worst case
consequences and that what has to happen because therapies are at best meager that
in order to get this under control we have to get people tested for the virus to
learn of who is infected so that we can efficiently shelter, quarantine them
and get the best treatment that we can. Importantly the testing will give as opportunity
to Isolate those that need to be, care for those that are ill and learn from
those that are asymptomatic who may be carrying antibodies. He is also alerted to
the fact that we don’t have enough tests to give to our population and if we can’t
test this can explode.   Our health care workers will be a risk to contract
the virus.  They are our first line of
defense to fight this pandemic. They further inform him that emergency efforts will
be required.

The president turned to his economic advisors and they were
split in this.  One side does not really
believe that there is a problem and that extreme reaction will only panic the population
and rile the markets. Sheltering the population would depress the economy to
the point that it would be unrecoverable. 
The other economic point of view presented to the president is
that markets thrive on certainty and information. That the best thing he can do
is be honest and forthright about the problem and reassure the general public
and markets that he has control of this

He finally turns to his political team and they also are
split.  One side says that such measures
would surely ruin his chances for re-election. Peter Navarro, one of his key
economic told him in a memo that this can kill 500,000 Americans.  The other side informed him that this will
hurt many and it puts a real risk on his re-election chances.  But ultimately, he realized he can’t put the
population at risk and that he must be straight forward and honest about the
crisis.  He decided to provide leadership
and if he is honest and provides the truthful understand of where we are with
this crisis informing America the impact it will have on them, their health and
their social and economic routines.  But
most importantly keeping the public informed about how we will battle this
disease. This will serve the country much better.

The President thinks for a moment and turns to his health
care team and says if we see things turning for the worst in China whether we
get information form them or not I want to go to the American people and explain
this crisis to them and the devasting impact it can have on our society and
economy is a very forthright manner that keeps them informed.  It is, however, imperative that to let
them know that we have a plan in place to fight this.

The health care professionals indicate very precisely that
he needs to ramp testing individuals and quickly as possible. The reason for
that is because of the nature of this virus and no vaccine for it we will be
gathering control and information about it to best combat it. The fight will be
statistically, and Data driven. With the data the testing provides we will provide
a certainty to the ramping up of our medical systems response to treating those
afflicted as best we can.  The
information will tell us  where to  increase in the number in the beds available
in hospitals or similar setting, the masks required for the health care workers
and the ventilators required to treat the significant number of patients that
are expected to be afflicted.

The only thing missing is how does he mobilize the nation
both to support the equipment and medical needs as well as inform the public
without panicking them and markets

The team of all the disciplines apprise him that there is
precedent and legislation in place he can turn to combat this disease. It is the
“Defense Production Act
.”  This will allow
him to act in a straightforward manor to centralize the logistics and supplies
required to fight such a severe problem.

Before the president adjourns the meeting he tell his Health
care team to begin the ramp up required to get the health system in place to
combat this as well as telling his economic team to test the manufacturers of
the test and supplies to see how quickly they can start production.  He asks his political team to lay the groundwork
for the dire message that he will conceivably have to deliver to the nation.

On December 31st the Chinese government under
pressure from world communication outlets reports that their dozens of cases of
an unknown pneumonia in the city of Wuhan.

The US global Pandemic team is on top of this and informs
the president that this is not a few dozen cases but a city-wide issue for Wuhan
where thousands of are afflicted with the Corona virus.  They inform the president and he now begin to
put a plan in place to deal with this issue.

January 11, 2020 the Chinese report the first death in
Wuhan from the corona virus and that the illness has affected thousands of

January 21st, 2020 The first case of coronavirus
is reported in the United States.

January 23rd, 2020 Wuhan, a city of more than 11
million was cut off by the Chinese authorities.

January 30th, 2020 The W.H.O declares a global
health emergency

January 31st, 2020 The President goes on national
television and inform the American people of the gravity of the crisis.  He explains that this is a devastating virus
that is indiscriminate in who it affects and that we can expect it to impact us
as it is currently doing in China and across the world.  Currently there is no known cure and the only
therapy thus far is to quarantine those affected and provide hospital care for
the severely sick as a result. So, what I am putting in place is a massive
testing emphasis by our medical professional to determine those that may have
the virus.  Be assured that this virus is
insidious and knows no boundaries and I am certain that some Americans have it.  The symptoms do not show up for several
days.  As we speak facilities are being
set up for the testing.  The tests are
currently enough test to start the process and more are being produced to keep
the supply lines open.  Also, several of our
most important industries are ramping up their production of masks and respirators
that are so important to our medical first responders.  I have called upon all our resources
available via the use of the “Defense Production Act.”  MY expectations are however that the plans we
are putting in place will be enough to keep us ever so slightly ahead of the
current storm we expect to hit us soon. I am, as are all the American people
grateful for the expertise and sacrifice of all our health professional. I
thank them and God Bless America.

March 23rd, 2020. The united states have reported
50,000 cases of the coronas virus many of which are convalescing ant home.  There are significant patients in intensive care,
but the system seems to be been to respond to them with enough supplies in that
our health care professionals are not overwhelmed.  There is fear however, that there are going
to be significantly more cases as we test more people, but we can deal with this
as the curve is flattened and the impact has evened out.  The economy has felt the impact of this
because quarantining and social distancing rule in effect, but unemployment has
not risen significantly, and most businesses have continued to operate and
employ people with Social distancing in mind.   We can all look to our president address on
January 31st to the president for being ahead of the curve, calming
the waters and getting us through this crisis without a lot of pain.

April 7th, 2020. 
There are 405,000 cases there are however 13,811 cases.  Many of the cases are recovering at home
22,000 have recovered.  Most importantly because
of the extensive testing we have able to keep the economy going with those that
are asymptomatic with antibodies reporting for work.  The sheltering in place has had an economic
impact but the cost of a stimulus is about 750 billion dollars in unemployment
and dollars directly to people and small businesses.

Tit is evident however that the investment made in our Global
Pandemic team has kept us at a very containable risk that has saved lives and severely
lessened the economic impact.

Leadership has prevailed.

In the bizarro world.

PS: remember I said this was fiction

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