“I come at last to the attitude we have toward death”

“Here, it is barely possible to speak of the experiences of other’s death. It is a substitute,

an illusion, and it never quite convinces us.”

“There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn”

“On that point everything has been said, and it is only proper to avoid pathos”

“At this moment the absurd, so obvious and yet so hard to win, returns to a man’s life and finds its home there.

At this moment, too the mind can leave the arid, dried up path of the lucid effort”

“At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face.”

“From the moment absurdity is recognized, it becomes a passion,

the most harrowing of all.”

“Carrying this absurd logic to its conclusion I must admit that

the struggle implies a total absence of hope”

“The mind’s first step is to distinguish what is true from what is false.”

“All the pretty speeches about the soul will have their contrary

convincingly proved, at least for time.”

“Absurdity is life in a Revolving Door” “Mere “ anxiety, as Heidegger

says is at the source of everything”

“The act of eluding is hope. Thus, everything contributes towards

spreading confusion. refusing to grant a meaning to life and this
necessarily needs to be declaring that it’s not worth living. Don’t be
misled by the confusion.”

“Man is nothing other than his own project. He exists only to the extent that he realizes

himself, therefore he is nothing more than the sum of his actions....responsible for what
he is ....free...condemned to be free...committing himself to life.” Jean Paul Sartre

Yes, Jean Paul, there is an exit

“Hope of another life one must

“deserve” or trickery of those
who live not for life itself but
for some great idea that will
transcend it, refine it, give it a
meaning, and betray it.”

“Th e rose petal, the millstone, or the human hand are as important as

love, desire, or the laws of gravity.”

“Likewise the stranger who at certain seconds comes to meet us in a

mirror, the familiar and yet alarming brother we encounter in our own
photographs is also the absurd.”

Sisyphus, proletarian of the gods, powerless, and rebellious, knows the full extent of his wretched

condition. It is what he thinks of during his decent, the lucidity that was to constitute his torture at
the same time crowns his victory”

“ One Must imagine Sisyphus happy”

“If one could only say just once: “ This is clear, “all the world would be

saved . “

Hey! Hades! Show me how those handcuffs work. And Death took a Holiday.

"He was notorious as the most cunning knave on earth. His greatest triumph

came at the end of his life, when the god Hades came to claim him personally
for the kingdom of the dead. Hades had brought along a pair of handcuffs, a
comparative novelty, and Sisyphus expressed such an interest that Hades was
persuaded to demonstrate their use - on himself.
And so it came about that the high lord of the Underworld was kept locked
up in a closet at Sisyphus's house for many a day, a circumstance which put
the great chain of being seriously out of whack. Nobody could die. A soldier
might be chopped to bits in battle and still show up at camp for dinner.”
Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology


“Blessed are the hearts that can bend, they shall never be broken.”

“If there is a sin against life, it consists of perhaps not so much despairing over our plight and hoping for another

life and alluding the impeccable grandeur of this life” Albert Camus

You Tube talk " A walk with Sisyphus"

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