April 2 The streets of Chestnut Hill

The Streets of Chestnut April 2nd, 2020.

Chestnut Hill Philadelphia 5 pm April 2nd.  The 73rd day since the first reported
case of the corona virus in America. Some of the purpose of this Blog is to help
me define myself a photographer or more importantly a visual artist.  Simply by definition photography records a singular
moment in time, thoughtfully, because that moment is gone in the next instant.  The one gift I have is that I see the graphics
and designs in all thing as I walk down any street and any landscape.  Deeply attached to those images is the spirit
of each design.  Whether it’s a stairway,
a store window or a building they all connect me to the Human essence of life.   They
are each metaphorically a forward-looking journey. This a very difficult time
for us all . The photos were taken at rush hour.  Noticeable is the almost total absence of

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