January 6th Response

Thanks, Bob,
for getting back to me.  Of all the people
I have correspondent with you’re the only one that has chose to respond with any
ideas, and I truly appreciate the dialogue.

Your first assertation
it I find interesting. That Joe Biden will resign in 6 months and you are
willing to bet on it.  I will take that bet
and put up $1,000 to that effect. If Joe Biden resigns before June 20, 2021 to allow
Harris to become President, I will hand you a check for $1,000. If that does
not happen you will write a check to me for the same amount.  I think that’s fair. Don’t you agree?

With respect to
the barriers at the Capital Police at those barriers my understanding is that
they were trained when confronted by a mob of that size the best defense was to
move back to position that was more defensible and thereby not fall to the
violence that moment presented.

As far as your statement
that Speaker Pelosi has control of the Capital Police, I think Lou Ann Wolf had
a terrific understanding of the Capital Police’s chain of command that did not
include the Speaker. I don’t think she wanted this to happen.  Would you at your age purposely subject yourself
to a mob that is calling for your execution. Also, the people, members of congress
and staff had to hide under their desks. 
Can you imagine yourself boarding up the doors of your office, hiding
under a table as the doors are being rammed? 
If I were there, I would be thinking of Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, ElPaso,
you can name at least a half dozen mass shooting in this country carried out with
semi-automatic AR15s.  Would you think
you might be scared?  You believe would
the Speaker put herself in such harm’s way? 
I know that it’s your right believe that. I would expect that you had
viable hard information to that and could present and stand behind it.  I would absolutely be a listener.

You next question
is how did Biden win the election?  That’s
a simple answer. He got more votes. My reading of why republicans were able to
able to capture the seats that they lost is because they are not comfortable with
the Idea that was presented to them that democrats represent socialism and are
communist.  However, they were tired of
the crying, whaling and animus that came from the executive branch and voted
for decency.  I don’t agree that
democrats are socialists, but I am heartened by the Idea that America seeks
decency from it’s President. I also believe that Orangeman would have won the election
if he did ONE thing.  Worn a mask!!! That
simple gesture would have shown so many voters that he had their best interest
in mind and not just his own.  If you
have aversion to wearing a mask, I will tell you why I choose to wear because it’s
one of the very few tools we have to fight this insidious virus and I respect my
fellow citizens.  It is the very least I can
do to protect them from Covid 19.

What you’re
saying about water emergencies and a lack of plumbers and shredding I suspect
would have been the evidence that Orangeman’s lawyers would have presented in
all the different lawsuits they brought to court.  Was this all presented in their cases?  If what you say is true, I would imagine they
did and not suffer the humiliation of having 50 or so cases dismissed, many for
lack of evidence. Even Orangeman’s supreme court denied taking it up for lack
of evidence.

understanding about election fraud on such a mass scale is that first and foremost
there are 50 different electoral rules via each of the 50 states.  To accomplish election fraud at that level
there had to be a monumental collusion plan running over those 50
jurisdictions.  A collusion plan of that
magnitude would be very difficult to hide. I guess in your estimation it was
more easily accomplished than I am realizing. 
Again, if you have some hard information that refutes all the courts
findings, I am a listener.

Further and staying
on the election fraud with respect to two states, Pennsylvania, where you and I
both reside and Georgia which has been in the news.  There are similarities.  Both have republican legislatures that
established their respective rule and law for the election process.  We both must admit that this was a very
unusual year in that we were dealing with a pandemic for which the only tools
we had to fight it was and still is masks and social distancing.  My hat is off to the republican legislature
for securely establishing a secure mail in voting system.  When I went to the polls (I voted in person
because I knew the mail in ballots would be the last counted as was the republican
established process and that Orangeman was going to say he one and call them all
fraud.  I should have called you and bet
you on that one.  Don’t you agree?) I noticed
how hard everyone there was working to secure our one constitutionally given franchise.
They deserve your praise rather than your disdain. The right to a free and fair
election as time passed since the election the criticism was rampant and pointed
to Republican officials that ran the election particularly Philadelphia. The person
responsible for the election process was a republican.  Pat Toomey our republican Senator stated that
the election In Pennsylvania was free and fair.

In Georgia the
Governor, Secretary of State an election operation manger, all republicans that
publicly stated they voted for Orangeman. 
The Secretary of State, who is an engineer by profession, as you are aware
was the subject of Orangeman’s rath with death threats told Orangeman, in that now
famous phone call, during which he said the numbers don’t lie.  This is something you and I as accountants
can both appreciate. Don’t you agree?

If you have
just read through my understanding of why I don’t believe there was no election
fraud on the scale professed could not have happened.  Once again if you have some hard evidence otherwise
please let me know.  I will be a listener.

 I am having an issue with your 2nd
post as to whether I believe that.  If
you are referring to my first post reveling in the idea of the value and hard
efforts that went into preserving our democracy from the civil war to WWII, YOU

Once again you
seem to think that those rioting at the capital were there for an excursion. I
will refer to what I stated above about the trained tactics used by the Capital
Police to save their own lives and perhaps save other lives. 

The evidence
that was supposed to be presented, wasn’t that already presented to the courts
and the courts established the case presented as lacking in evidence. I don’t
see your logic here.  Was Pence supposed
to present the evidence and change his ceremonial task of reading the certified
electoral votes and overturn the election. 
I’m more thoroughly confused in that Orangeman was so vehemently angry
with his Vice President that he was tweeting his disdain as his
insurrectionists were running towards the capital with a Noose for The Vice
president.  (Those cries and chants are
clear as bell on all the videos.)

I guess you see
a case for disparaging my understanding of history because I don’t listen to
Radio 990 or radio 1210 am or Mark Levin. 
Who is Mark Levin?  Again, I will
be a listener if he has credentials that compare to my reading list and the
varied authors.

Winston S. Churchill
“The gathering Storm”

Morris          “Theodore Rex”

Carl Sandburg            “Abraham Lincoln, The War years”

Catton              “ A Stillness at Appomattox”

Dickey      “ Our Man In Charleston”

Doris Kearns Goodwin
“A Team of Rivals “

McCullough    “ Truman” You’re aware you and I both share
our Birthdays With Harry S.

Gates            “ Duty”

Jon Meacham          “ The Soul of America”

Jon Meacham           “Winston and Franklin”

Jon Meacham            “ American Lion Andrew Jackson”

Chris Mathews          “ Reagan and Tip”

You can take
issue with my reading list, but please let me know if Mark Levin have similar credentials
to my preferred authors.  Like I said
before if you can show that to me, I will be a listener and perhaps even

Strikingly you
and I agree in part on something.  The two-party
system let us both down. In my mind Orangeman is a regurgitation of a failure
of leadership from both parties.  One
exception I believe is the Republicans have voted more for party before country
that I can ever remember.  You and I are
both in the center.  The Democrats also in
many ways’ misbegotten political correctness AOC while I can respect her as politician,
I think she is misguided and maybe deserves to represent her own district if
they choose her again.  Otherwise, I would
be okay with her going of into the sunset. 

My big gripe is
that it cost too much to get elected. 
Yesterday many big companies are reevaluating all their contributions to
PAC of both parties.

The disparity we
each face is that while Market does well 80% of the economy is struggling.  Those are some of the people you saw at the
capital and those of the BLM protests. Also, crossover in primaries is a good
idea and is done several state primaries. 

Finally, I
disagree vehemently in your assertation that Orangeman is a true patriot. (in deference
to Winston Churchill who never referred to the German Chancellor in any other than
“That Man”) As born and bred North Jersey Guy from Newark NJ I have been privy to
Orangeman’s shenanigans since he came on the scene in the 70s.  When my friends would take about him, we
would laugh because we knew he was such a con man.  Growing up on the streets as I did on every
corner there was another guy trying to get the coins out of your pocket.  My favorite was the drug addict and dealer
that swore the Zen Buddhists could fly and he actually saw them take to the
air.  Those life experiences allowed me to
know certainly that Orangeman is nothing but a Carnival Barker looking to put
his hand some one’s pocket.

Let us think
about his incompetency. First are all his bankruptcies in Atlantic City.  In his effort to make everything so grand he
used Junk Bonds.  He never was able to
pay the debt service.  Back at that time a
copy of his NY State tax return was published. 
It showed a $916 Million Net operating loss. You ae familiar with those I
suspect, and the tax benefits achieved by failing in business. In your practice
did you ever have someone intentionally try to get an NOL.  I know I would advise against that.  Also, several of my south Jersey clients were
not able to collect what he owed them.  I
guess you and Giuliani think he is a genius and a patriot for avoiding taxes. If
and When his returns will ever be revealed, you will see this to be true.

Like I said
above Orangeman could have won the election if he had worn a mask.  If you examine that idea, simply put is that
would have been an easy way to victory. 
He chose the more difficult way to lie about the election.  Please once again, if there is an argument
that refutes my mask wearing idea please let me know.  I again will be a listener.

No Patriot
would make a speech as the one He made January 6th, 2021 to the
crowd that assembled at the White House. He and the others involved set off
that March that was an attack by the executive branch on the Legislative Branch.
No Patriot would allow the breach of the police that allowed to run through our
center of our democracy with a Confederate flag. Well, you did call me out
about my lack of understanding of our History and I Guess Mark Levin has assured
you that he is a patriot. 

The end of your
2nd posts asks me to gloat for now. I assure you I am not gloating.  I am heart broken that our nation and a good
portion of our citizens feel so distance form our government and chose to see fit
to ravage the Capital on the whim of one man. 
That is heart breaking but I can tell I am not broken, and I will oppose
any such actions by that man and those that choose to upset our government through
violence. (you say Pelosi did this.  LOL she
is 80 years old and 4”11”).  

I know you said
goodbye old friend.  I am not ready to write
you off.  I am expecting to win that bet
6 months from now.  Also, we share the
same birthday, so we are joined at the hip for better or worse.

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