Sisyphus Interviews a Corona virus



 Interview with a Coronavirus.

Byline: King Sisyphus.

It was an interview with a coronavirus by king
Sisyphus from the publication that caught my eye.

 King Sisyphus was
hunting down a coronavirus for a while in order to interview him and to see
what was going on and what we might expect from them.

He Searched high and low and found The virus
leader among many virus partying in a lung. 
When he entered, they were hanging out opening champagne bottles
laughing and partying to Benny Goodman’s sing, sing, sing. They were ecstatic
at their good luck in finding America so unprepared.

King Sisyphus approach Lead virus as Benny Goodman wailed on
his clarinet. And asked his name

 He replied Yamamoto,
Like the Imperial Japanese Admiral.

Yamamoto? King Sisyphus asked.

Yes. Admiral Yamamoto he replied.

Sisyphus asked, Admiral what is you game plan? Do you want to
annihilate the whole Human race?

Not exactly he replied.

He confided in The King and said, we need you Humans to
survive and feed off. We knew we had conquered China and needed another population
for life support that the USA was ripe for the taking. We were so happy to see the
political turmoil going on here and made this place right for a pandemic. A Silver
platter you could not refuse. How do you like that take off on Mario Puzo?

King Sisyphus asked what are you talking about?

 It is that Orange
haired Guy. What do you call him, Dufus?

No Sisyphus replied, POTUS the president of the United

Yamamoto the Admiral Virus Laughed. Such Hubris like I have
never seen.

He went on. This country was the strongest in the world at one
time and they lost all the Control. They have been sick for years and a very divided,
very divided. They are not taking care of themselves politically and
economically as a whole. The infighting, the political unrest, the great media
fighting with one another calling each other names. And telling lies it does
not get better than this for us.

We did our research and we looked here and saw an
opportunity. The way that the healthcare system was not reaching people. All the
overweight people from all the great great marketing that your food Companies
do promoting high fructose corn syrup, a Goldmine for us.

As you know we nourish ourselves on your blood and whatever
weaknesses you have in your system. You do not have a way of controlling us and
we spread so rapidly this is a Boomtown for us. I love the fact that your
political parties are fighting and the name-calling, terrific for us. You are
so weak.

Better yet Your leader the guy with the orange
hair he’s like a Satan send, (you like that play off of a godsend) .

The best part is he has no clue what to do, and
doesn’t listen to anybody. Especially your health experts. He certainly is helping
us keeping them at bay and not allowing them to work together. He makes our job
so easy by splitting up The States in a bidding war That division is great for us.
I sit and watch his pressers, and I just roll off my chair laughing he is so
funny and so out of it. He is giving us everything that we want and need to
survive and that is our goal. We are going to survive, and we are going to be
around for a while folks.

The best thing was liberating the different
states Michigan, Virginia wherever they were. I was really rolling over when I
saw this. We were all here watching those protests on TV. We started popping champagne
bottles when we saw those guys with the A.R. 15‘s at these liberate rallies. That
was hysterical. Can you imagine them trying to shoot us, you cannot find us? We
are microscopic. They have automatic rifles to shoot us. That’s a joke Right? I
would be inside his lungs in less than a heartbeat. We are built for speed you
know. See how fast we spread. That is our ace in the whole. Speed. So, I want
to thank you very much for all the work you have given us and allowing us to
survive and live off you Mr. Orangehair.

Sisyphus was aghast at this interview. Obviously,
this coronavirus was drunk he is had a lot to live on he was pretty fat, and they
were drinking like crazy and were partying like it was 1999. Sisyphus could
hear Prince singing through the speakers.

Sisyphus sat back for a moment and thought about
what he just heard

Sisyphus asked? These are smart people and they fight back. They will get
control of themselves and put you out of existence. They still have a lot of

Yamamoto shot
back quickly. You Got to be kidding me, you guys and Orange hair will never
figure out how to beat us. It is too simple. You do not have a vaccine.

Sisyphus was at
a loss. It seemed hopeless. Suddenly he heard them sing and chanting “lock Up
the Tests, lock up the Tests, lock up the Tests”, they were chanting in their
drunken stupor.

The test’s! How
simple can it be.

King Sisyphus
turned away and looked around in, he is no stranger to adversities, He is used
to rolling that stone up the hill is used to scorning his fate. He will not
take no for an answer. Hope is on the horizon.

He tried to get
one more question from Yamamoto, but he disappeared back in the crowded party. Sisyphus
Understood defeating this virus was simple He tried to warn the Admiral that
America will pull itself together and find a cohesive plan to test, protect
ourselves, until we get about the vaccination. Hope is on the Horizon.

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